Indy Chicken Nugget Fight Caught on Camera Goes Viral

A video of two women climbing through the drive-thru window of the McDonald’s at 16th and Meridian went viral.

The problem? Chicken McNuggets.

According to FOX59, Monique McNeely happened to be behind the two women in the drive-thru and recorded the incident.

“All of a sudden, I hear yelling and see these two girls just spring out of the car and literally just dive headfirst into the drive-thru window,” McNeely told FOX59.

“I thought that they were robbing,” said McNeely, “and when I heard the shouting I thought ‘Please tell me this is not happening to me.’

The two women were upset over not getting their chicken nuggets, which managers told them they had never ordered nor paid for in the first place, according to the police report. The women, apparently feeling disrespected, pounded on the window, climbed inside and then assaulted the store manager before knocking over a basin of iced tea and then fighting their way back outside the same way they came in.

Managers at the store declined to comment.


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