Major Changes Coming to South Bend School System

In a new plan proposed by South Bend school officials, five schools would be closed or absorbed and at least 1,200 students would be relocated.

School start times would change and at least one new magnet school would emerge.

According to this plan, Brown and Greene intermediate centers and the Eggleston Center would all close.

Perley Fine Arts Academy and Marshall Intermediate Center would be combined with other schools, though officials hope to find new uses for the buildings.

According to The South Bend Tribune, nearly 1,200 students at those schools would be relocated, and many more could change schools based on a new redistricting plan that re-emphasizes neighborhood schools.

The closures are part of a plan, labeled “Focus 2018.” The new proposal is a successor to “Plan Z,” the 2002 organizational plan that utilized new district maps, magnet schools and the busing system to balance the racial makeup and attendance at schools across the corporation.

The school board will gather input at a public forum scheduled for Nov. 27 at Century Center. The board is scheduled to vote on the plan at its Dec. 18 meeting. It would take effect for the 2018-2019 school year.

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