Indiana City Repeals More Than 100 Outdated Laws

A northern Indiana city has vacated more than 100 outdated and obsolete ordinances.

The city of Peru abandoned some old-fashioned restrictions including two that made it illegal to spit on the sidewalk or climb trees in city parks.

According to WNDU, last Monday the Peru City Council repealed a wide-range of ordinances after Mayor Gabe Greer and the city’s attorney stumbled across the “archaic” rules while looking for a specific ordinance.

City Attorney Dustin Kern tells the Kokomo Tribune they found “fluff and nonsense” that made no sense in the 21st century and did not need to be on the city’s books.

The list of now-repealed rules made it illegal to annoy squirrels, drive a horse and buggy on the sidewalk, use “boisterous” language or climb trees in city parks and frighten a horse.



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